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RealWater1.2 Blender Water shader addon

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Cycles is required to display the best and most complete effect, Eevee is not capable of displaying the full effect.

This node was created in Blender 3.4.1 and may not be compatible with older versions.

需要Cycles才能顯示最佳最完整的效果,Eevee無法顯示完整的效果。 此節點是在 Blender 3.4.1 中創建的,可能與舊版本不兼容。

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【Update 更新】

1.2 Update 更新
Added RealWater Ocean Surface shaders -  shader with 4 presets (3 for cycles , 1 for eevee)

新增海洋表面Shaders 帶有4種預設 (3種cycles專用 , 1種eevee專用)

1.2.1 Beta 測試版
Added Pie Menu 


1.1 Update 更新

Major update to the plugin interface - Now you can adjust the shader effect directly without opening the node editor

插件介面大更新 - 現在可以不用開啟節點編輯器就能直接調整Shader效果

Added a new shader specifically for underwater scenes (with underwater bubble effect geometry nodes).

新增水下場景專用Shader (帶有水底氣泡效果幾何節點)

4 new presets for blue tear effects (colors can be changed)


Brand new wave shader.


Added RealWater EEVEE version - New Eevee version shader with 4 dedicated presets

新增RealWater EEVEE版本 - 新增Eevee版Shader與四種專屬Presets

1.01 Update - The issue with the inability to use wave effects has been fixed.

1.01 更新 - 已修復海浪效果無法使用的問題

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RealWater1.2 Blender Water shader addon

36 ratings
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