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Lazy Vfx 1.0 Vdb Assets Library ( 270+ Assets ) Blender 3.4+ Addon

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LazyVFX is an Assets Library. When you're working on your creations and need some explosions, fire, or smoke, just open LazyVFX and select the ones you want to add.

LazyVFX v1.0

Assets Library

Static Explosions*83

Static Fire*82

Animated Explosions*20

Static Smoke*35

Looping Animated Fire*20

Looping Animated Smoke*23

Animated Smoke*10

Customizable Shaders

Partial Animated VDB Showcase


The Addon and Shader are compatible with Blender versions 3.4, 3.5, and 3.6.This product is compatible only with the Cycles rendering engine and does not support Eevee.

Things to Know Before Purchase

- VDB requires higher computer specifications, so I cannot guarantee smooth operation on all computers.- VDB files have a larger file size, and you need sufficient storage space to store them (file sizes can be referenced below). It's recommended to use an SSD for faster loading speeds.- As this product is still in the development stage, there might be bugs or imperfections. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to send a message and report them to me.

File Sizes
(may slightly differ across systems)

v1.0 Static VDB Library File Size : 5.78 GB
v1.0 Animated VDB Library File Size : 147 GB
( File size after decompression )

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Lazy Vfx 1.0 Vdb Assets Library ( 270+ Assets ) Blender 3.4+ Addon

2 ratings
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